Adventure experiences have a unique way of opening people’s hearts and minds to new ways of thinking and processing life’s challenges. That growth then, opens the door for them to step beyond their normal comfort zones and experience expanded opportunities as they apply those new thinking processes to their daily lives

Challenge Ropes Course

The Challenge Ropes Course is an exhilarating network of cables, poles and ropes, offering a physical and an emotional challenge. The Ropes Course provides a custom-fitted group of activities, designed to promote teamwork, fun and to help you leave your comfort zone. You will work with your teammates to achieve a mutual goal and real sense of accomplishment. A combination of icebreakers, warm ups, and games provide both low and high challenges. Call (239) 338-2755 or email on the left to schedule your group today.

Great team building activity for companies, school groups, camps, civic organizations, sports teams! The course promotes leadership development, communication, decision making, trust and problem solving. You and your teammates will build trust in one another as you work your way around the course! Located at the Vince Smith Campus.


Do I have to be athletic to participate?

Athleticism is not a prerequisite. Our programs focus more on the group dynamics and self-confidence side of outdoor adventure and less on the physical challenge. However, if your group desires, we can create a physically as well as mentally demanding adventure for you.

Will I be forced to do the activities?

We use the “challenge by choice” philosophy. Our facilitators encourage you to move beyond your perceived limitations while respecting your decision on how far to move outside your comfort zone. Cooperation and mutual support, rather than competition and physical prowess are emphasized. Although the program may be physically demanding at times, each person chooses his or her challenges.

Is it safe?

Your personal safety is always our foremost concern. We are a member of the Association for Challenge Course Technology which is dedicated to safety in the ropes course industry. All activities occur in a safe and supportive atmosphere. While there are inherent risks in any outdoor adventure activity our facilitators are continuously monitoring all participants and the environment. The course and all equipment are examined before each program and during additional regularly scheduled inspections.

What should I wear?

Your day will be spent outside. Dress according to the weather. We suggest comfortable, active wear such as shorts, t-shirts, and tennis shoes. Please, no sandals, short shorts or spaghetti straps. Don’t forget your suntan lotion and sunglasses.